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New Paris Luggage Service

New Paris Luggage Service

Enjoy your extra time in Paris Luggage Free.  This new service, that can be added to your train booking, offers delivery of your luggage to/from Train stations, hotels or rentals.

You are greeted upon arrival in Paris by a concierge who collect the bags and delivers them to your hotel or rental at the time requested.

On the day you leave the concierge collects the bags at check-out and will wait for you at the train station so you can enjoy Paris a little longer.

They offer Same day, +1, +2, +3 Day delivery, for 2-5 pieces of luggage.

Same day delivery 2 pc luggage $64, or $72, $80, $88 if you would like them to hold your bags for up to 1,2,3 days respectively.

Same day delivery 5 pc luggage $111, or $135 to hold luggage up to 3 days.  Prices available for 2,3,4,5 pieces of luggage.

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