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New Machu Picchu Regulations from 1 July 2017

New Machu Picchu Regulations from 1 July 2017

Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru now has some new regulations for visitors.

Split Entrance Times: For a period of 2 years entrance tickets to Machu Picchu with be split into an AM 6am-12pm & PM 12pm-5:30pm entrance time.  Visitor must leave the sie within the time frame stated and can not re enter once you have left the site.

Entry with Official Guide Only: All visitors must be accompanied by an official Machu Picchu guide or licensed tourist guide.  Guides only permitted to take Maximum Group size of 16.

Defined Routes: routes or circuits will be set up to separate the crowd and prevent everyone stopping at one highlight.

Re-entrance: This prohibits re-entrance to Machu Picchu.  Once you enter, if you leave you are not allowed to return.  Special Circumstance is allowed for toilet use at the moment.

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